Writing Groups

These are the writing groups we will be working in for the rest of the term. If you notice anything incorrect (or don’t like the name I made up for you) just let me know and I’ll fix it.

9:05 Class

Team Improvement: Meg S, Andrew K, John N, Nathaniel T
Team CoFFY: Nick C, Michael F, Dagmawi Y, Mike F
Yodeling Penguins: Ashley W, Kit T, Kevin J, Ryan G, Leon P
Team FOOS: Megan O, Duke F, Andrew S, Patrick O
Group No Name: Katie G, Katelyn K, Erica R, Sung-Jun L

10:10 Class

Team Monkey: Zachary C, Mary B, Kayla M
Team Mantis: Grace M, Caitlin M, Ezra R
Team Panda: Wiktor K, Kyle B, Michael C, Harold M
Team Crane: Jaeil Y, Steven D, Nadeem K, Ale R
Team Tigress: Lauren C, Rebecca S, Michelle L, Monica H
Team Viper: Michael P, Alpha D, Medhim A, Zack S, Chelsea A

1:25 Class

Group 1: Leah K, Tay U, Tianyu G, Colin S, Clarissa R, Will B
Team A: Darren H, Will B, Vanessa T, Kevin H
Team Back-row: John C, Luke M, Chase R, Josh S, Darren H
A Team: Jerry H, Charlie B, Brian B, James R, Kevin H
3 CS plus 1 CIVIL (BEST GROUP IN CLASS): Zihan W, Marc E, Brianna B, Myron S, Vanessa T