Who is Holli?

The audience for your written recommendation report is Holli Drewry, the Assistant Director of Communications and Innovative Technologies in the Division of Student Affairs. As you write your report, you’ll need to know a bit more about who she is and her relationship to the website that you are reviewing. Here are some biographical details about her to help you determine how to writeyour report.

Personal Details

  • Holli is my sister. She is 2 years younger than I am.
  • Holli graduated from Virginia Tech, with a BA in Art and Art History, with a Concentration in Graphic Design and Art History. She is currently working on an MA in Sociology.
  • Holli is a life-long Girl Scout, and currently serves as the Chair of the Board Development Committee for Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline.
  • Holli lives in Blacksburg, and she graduated from Blacksburg High School.
  • Holli has VT season football tickets, and she goes to the games with her daughter (who drives buses for BT and loves pandas).
  • Holli has a cute little gray poodle named Gordon (who probably isn’t pertinent to this project, but that’s his picture on the right).

Work Details

  • Holli is in charge of the websites for the Division of Student Affairs. She creates some content on the sites herself, and she manages the web developers who work on other portions of the site.
  • Holli manages many of the Student Affairs sites in a content management system (CMS) that the university has named Ensemble. Sites that are not in the CMS are scheduled for migration spring 2014 and launch summer 2014.
  • Holli coordinates the information that appears on the websites with the staff of the various departments in the Division.
  • Holli is personally involved in the webpages for the Division of Student Affairs and takes pride in the work. She is personally invested in the websites you are reviewing.
  • Holli manages the digital signs for the division that are in place in Squires Student Center, New Hall West, and Johnston Student Center 3rd floor.
  • Holli oversees the table card program, but someone else generally handles the approvals.
  • Holli has worked for Virginia Tech for 21 years. She works long hours every day in New Hall West on the websites.

Holli asked me to tell you all: “I am looking forward to hearing what the students have to say. I have a pretty extensive list of things I would like to add of change on our pages. The students’ comments will help me prioritize the list.”