Website Checklist

These are the starting analysis questions you can begin with as you create the checklist for your section of the Career Services website. You’ll need to rephrase them, because they’re written from the perspective of someone designing a site. You’ll probably add some questions of your own as well. Be sure you use the examples listed on the Getting Started blog post to see some of the kinds of additional questions that you can use as you analyze the site.

Designing Web Sites and Pages

Did you

  • create informative headers and footers? (p. 169)
  • help readers navigate the site by including a site map, a table of contents, back-to-top links, and textual navigation buttons? (p. 170)
  • include extra features your readers might need, such as an FAQ, a search page or engine, resource links, a printable version of your site, or a text-only version? (p. 170)
  • help readers connect with others through links to interactive portions of your site and to social-media sites? (p. 172)
  • design for readers with vision, hearing, or mobility impairment? (p. 172)
  • design for multicultural audiences? (p. 173)
  • aim for simplicity in Web page design by using conservative color combinations and by avoiding decorative graphics? (p. 174)
  • make the text easy to read and understand by keeping it short, chunking information, and writing simply? (p. 174)
  • create clear, informative links? (p. 174)

From page 175 of Markel