Creating Criteria for Project 3

Today you decide on the deliverables for your projects. Remember that I want to see you deeply engaged in your work. Your grade depends as much on how you participate and work on this project as it does on whether you turn in all the work. We have several things to discuss/work on today:

  1. If you are a Professional Writing Major or Minor, be sure to look at the Awards for Professional Writing Majors & Minors (and submit your work if it’s relevant). The deadline is April 18.
  2. I have revised the grade scale so that it works in the Scholar gradebook.
  3. Talk about how we want to work for Friday’s session.
  4. Create a working list of deliverables for Project 3. Work in Google Docs as you compose your list so that you can revise and collaborate easily. Everyone will turn in a reflection memo with the other deliverables, so be sure to include it on your list.
  5. Spend some time in your groups sharing and revising your lists of deliverables for Project 3 together. Read one another’s lists to ensure that you include everything you need to on your lists. Use these questions as you read your lists:
    • Is everything listed?
    • Are the list items specific and accurate?
    • Does the list include enough information to demonstrate effort?
  6. Use the remaining time to work on your projects. There is a lot of work to accomplish, so spend your time wisely. If you have a question that you need my help with, you can write your name on the board or just come up to my desk. I’ll be giving you feedback on your recent in-class writings while you work.

In-Class Writing

Today, you need to post the tentative list of deliverables for Project 3, after reviewing them with your group members to make sure nothing is left out. Once you have your list complete, go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete today’s assignment, “04/02 P3 Criteria.” Just copy your list from Google Docs and paste it over to the In-Class Writing. Be sure to submit your work by Thursday, 04/03/2014 05:04:15 PM.


Do what you need to do for your project. Unless something comes up, you will have the full class session on Friday to work on your project.

I’m shifting the peer review session to next week (rather than this Friday) to give you more time to get your projects underway. Plan to have a working draft to share on Monday, April 7. It doesn’t have to be finished, but it should be enough that your group members can review it and give you some feedback.