Intro to Project 4

Today, we begin Project 4: Web Analysis Report. In this project, you will work with your group to analyze some online resources and write a recommendation report. Your group will present your findings to the class in an oral presentation during the last week of classes.

Daily Class Work and the Schedule

From this point on in the term, your group sets the schedule for what you work on in class. The remaining sessions in the course (from 4/14 to 5/2) will be in-class work sessions. The final week of classes will be dedicated to the oral presentations.

April 16, the 9:05 class will dismiss at 9:30 so that you have time to walk to the April 16 Memorial in front of Burruss in time for the Moment of Silence at 9:43 if you wish.

April 23 will be an independent work day. We will not meet in the classroom. Your group may connect online or choose an alternative meeting place. You might also choose to work on sections of the report independently that day.


The readings for this project are Chapter 13 (“Writing Recommendation Reports”) and the section on “Designing Web Sites” in Chapter 7 (pp. 169–174 of “Designing Documents and Web Sites”). You will also use Chapter 15 (“Making Oral Presentations”).

By the end of the week, your group should email me the Google Share Links to your Group Work Statement, Audience Analysis, and Website Analysis Checklist due, which will be worth 3 in-class writing credits.