Project 4 Presentations, Day Two

Today we have the following presentations scheduled:

9:05 Class
9:10: Kit, Ashley, Kevin, Leon, and Ryan
9:40: Katie, Katelyn, Erica, and Sung-Jun

10:10 Class
10:15: Lauren, Monica, Becca, and Michelle
10:30: Nadeem, Ale, Steven, and Jaeil
10:45: Kayla, Zac, and Mary

1:25 Class
1:30: Josh, Luke, Chase, and John
1:50: James, Charlie, Kevin, Jerry, and Brian

Answers to FAQs

Can I get more extra credit?
No. There was one extra credit in-class grade (the group selfies) and there is one opportunity for extra credit that counts with your project grades (the final). I have also dropped your lowest in-class writing grade.
Can I rewrite a project to improve the grade?
No. I don’t do rewrites. I set up assignments to allow plenty of time for multiple drafts before the due date.
When will you have Project 4 graded?
As soon as possible. I cannot begin grading your group’s work, however, until every group member turns in an Individual Evaluation of Group Members.
What’s the grade scale?
The grade scale is based on the 4.0 scale, multiplied by 25 to make a 100 point scale.
Do you round grades?
No. You need the number listed on the grade scale to earn the listed grade. For instance, you need 82.5 for a B+. If you have 81.25, you have earned a B.
How does the attendance policy figure into the grade?
I review final grades once everything is graded, take into account participation and attendance, and make adjustments as warranted. The attendance policy affects you if you have significantly more than 2 unexcused absences.

Project 4 Due Date

By 11:55 PM on Wednesday, 5/7, one member of your group needs to email me the links to your written report and your presentation (and cc everyone else in the group).

Also by 11:55 PM on Wednesday, 5/7, you need to complete your Individual Evaluation of Group Members (go to Assignments in Scholar and choose P4). There are no grace periods on these deadlines.

Final Exam

The Final Exam is open and available now. If you choose to take the exam, please turn it in by the end of your scheduled exam period:

  • CRN #13260 (9:05 MWF): Due by 9:45 AM on Tues, May 13
  • CRN #13261 (10:10 MWF): Due by 3:05 PM on Fri, May 9
  • CRN #19530 (1:25 MWF): Due by 5:25 PM on Tues, May 13

Course Evaluations

Please fill out the Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) survey for this course. The feedback helps the department make important decisions about teaching methods, course content, and faculty promotion. Written comments help me decide what to keep or change the next time I teach the course. In many ways, I find the written comments the most helpful part of the evaluation. I do not see the feedback until several weeks after the last day of class, and your comments are anonymous.