Review, Tips, and Pointers for Project 1

Project 1 is due on Friday, February 14 (I know. It’s not the best Valentine’s Day present.) In class today, we’ll go over some tips related to the project, and I will answer any questions that you have about the project. We’ll do the in-class writing at the end of the session.

  1. We will review the basic structure and checklist for Project One:
    • Include correct memo headers (see p. 230) and an effective subject line (title)
    • Open with complete details about the document you are analyzing
    • Add a summary (see Chapter 9, p. 232)
    • Step through the 6 characteristics of technical communication (see Chapter 1)
    • Evaluate the effectiveness with the 8 measures of excellence (see Chapter 1)
    • Finish with a conclusion
  2. I will demonstrate suggestions and revision strategies using the Rhetorical Analysis of Science Fair Booklet by Bryan Chambers.
  3. You will go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete today’s in-class writing, “02/12 Progress Report.” Your work will be graded for effort and completeness, but minor issues in spelling, grammar, and punctuation won’t matter in today’s writing.

Weather Plans

If Tech cancels classes on Friday, obviously we will not meet. I will post an announcement in Scholar with details on how we’ll revise the schedule.

If Tech has classes but for some reason I can’t get here, I will send out an announcement via Scholar letting you know. I would think I could let you know by 6 AM.


Finish up your work on Project 1. On Friday, we’ll go over the information and format for the reflection memo. Even if you will be taking advantage of the grace period for Project 1, you should be ready to begin work on your reflection. In class, you will have time to write your memo, and to make any last minute changes to your project. If you will be taking advantage of the grace period, please use the time in the class period to work on your project.