Submitting Project 2 (3/21)

Because I will be at a convention in Indianapolis, class is working online Wednesday, 3/19, and Friday, 3/21. Office hours are canceled for this week.

March 21 is the due date for Project 2. For today’s session, you’ll write your reflection memo and (if you’re ready) submit your project. We will not talk about Project 2 in class after Friday 3/21; however, you have a one-week grace period if you need it. The very last moment when you can submit Project 2 is Friday, March 28 at 11:55 PM.

Write Your Reflection Memo

For this project, your reflection memo will give me the links to the document you are analyzing and to your rhetorical analysis. You will also tell me about what you have written. Follow these instructions to submit your work:

  1. Go to the Assignments tab on the left menu in Scholar.
  2. Choose “P2: Technical Description, Definition, and Instructions.”
  3. Scroll down to the text box below the headings Submission and Assignment Text. You will write your reflection memo in this box.
  4. Add your memo headers (To, From, Subject, and Date).
  5. Insert a horizontal divider line using the button indicated with the red arrow in the image below:
    Insert Horizontal Line button in Scholar
  6. Follow the instructions in Submitting Your Projects to make sure you have sharing set up properly and get the link to the final version of Project 2.
  7. Add the Share link from your Google Drive.
  8. Follow the instructions in xxxx to save your document as a PDF and upload it to the Help for Hokies website.
  9. Add the link to your document on the Help for Hokies site to your memo.
  10. Write your reflection comments on the second project, following the explanation in the Project 2 Assignment page. Use what you know about effective memos to organize your reflection. For instance, use headings to arrange the information in your memo.
  11. Agree to the Honor Code by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the page in Scholar.
  12. Submit your Project, and save a copy of the confirmation and submission ID.


We will begin takling about Project 3: Job-Application Materials during the next class session. This assignment will rely on Markel, Chapter 10, “Writing Job-Application Materials” and the Virginia Tech Career Planning Guide (available online or in print from Career Services). Go ahead and begin reading these materials.

Getting Help

I will be in sessions and presenting on Friday, March 21, so I may not see any questions you have about this activity until late in the evening. The process for submitting your work is the same as we used for Project 1, so you should be able to complete the task without any trouble. Email me if you have a question however, and I will respond when I can.