Working on Project 4

You have the entire class session on 4/30 to continue your work. I will take roll and answer questions. In addition to working on your written report and presentation, you can test whether the laptop you want to use for your presentation works with the projector Wednesday or Friday.

I have added some Project 4 Tips that you should consult. In particular, be sure that you have backups of your slides for the day of your presentation.

I also have an announcement. I’m teaching English 3844: Writing and Digital Media (this term’s website) in the fall, and am looking for students interested in a 9:05 MWF section. The course is required for Professional Writing Majors and Minors. It would count as an elective for anyone else. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Friday, 5/2

I will go over the final exam assignment, and then you will have the remainder of the class session to work on your reports and slides. You should aim to have all your work finished by the end of class so that you are ready to present next week.

Week of 5/5

You will present your oral reports in class. On the last day of class, you will also work on your Individual Evaluation of Group Members.

Summary of Important Dates

5/02: Group slideshow and recommendation report should be done
5/05 and 5/07: Presentations in class
5/07: Recommendation Report and Slides Due (Group submission)
5/07: Individual Evaluation of Group Work Due (in Assignments in Scholar)

Final exams:
CRN #13260 (9:05 MWF): Due by 9:45 AM on Tues, May 13
CRN #13261 (10:10 MWF): Due by 3:05 PM on Fri, May 9
CRN #19530 (1:25 MWF): Due by 5:25 PM on Tues, May 13