Class Logistics and Tools

We’ll spend class today talking about the structure for each class session and going over the tools that we’ll use during the term. Specifically, we’ll set up sharing and talk about how to use Google Drive, I’ll share some tutorials from, and we’ll look briefly at the Scholar site and complete today’s in-class writing.

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs): Google Drive iconYou can get to Google Drive from the VT Start page or use menu on your VT Gmail page. The menu looks like a grid of 3 squares by 3 squares (shown right), and it appears at the top right side of Gmail.

  1. Create a folder named with your name + Tech Writing.
  2. Share the folder with and give me EDIT permission.
  3. Create a Document in your folder, and label it “Your Name’s Info.” In the document give me your name and state which section of the course you are in. You can also copy over your blog comment from last period to help me remember who you are.
  4. Use this folder for all your work for the course. This way I will automatically have access to comment on your work as necessary.

Useful Resources: is a tutorial site that is free to all VT students, faculty, and staff.

Useful Resources:

Scholar: Our Scholar URL is


Read Chapter 1 of Markel’s Practical Strategies for Technical Writing. Be ready to apply the ideas from the chapter in class on Monday.