Ethical and Legal Concerns

Ethical and legal concerns can be complicated by the company and industry, the specifics of the situation, and even where and who they will effect. Today we will discuss the documents that explain one company’s ethical policies and then talk about your ethical obligations as a technical writer.

  1. Get started by going to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and completing today’s in-class writing, “01/29 Ethics Analysis.” You’ll have about 15 minutes to get your thoughts written down. Your work will be graded for effort and completeness, but minor issues in spelling, grammar, and punctuation won’t matter.
  2. Once everyone finishes the writing, we’ll talk about what you found on the Disney website’s citizenship section.
  3. We’ll go over details from Chapter 2, primarily on fair use and documentation, and talk about how the issue relates to assignment for Project 1 .


Read Chapter 4 of Markel (“Analyzing Your Audience and Purpose”). Choose the document you will analyze for your first project, and have a digital copy ready to turn in. You’ll submit it and some related information for your in-class writing.