Independent Group Work Day

April 23 will be an independent work day. We will not meet in the classroom. I will be on campus and will hold office hours as usual.

Your group should have chosen alternative plans for working today during the last class session. If you were absent during the last class session, someone from your group should have contacted you. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing, use the method for connecting with one another that you included in your Group Work Statement to contact your group and find out what you need to know.

Friday, we will meet in the class again to continue group work on the project.

In-Class Writing

Email me a group selfie of your group at work for an extra credit in-class writing grade for your group members. :)

The Rules

  • Images must be received by 8 AM on Friday, 4/25.
  • The image needs to show the majority of your group members.
  • Only people in the image get credit.
  • You may wear silly hats and feather boas, if desired.
  • The image needs show that you are working and not hanging out eating burritos at Moe’s or some similar silly pastime.

Successful group participants will receive the traditional 4/4 points for the extra credit activity.