Writing Progress Reports

Thank you all for your group selfies. They were much fun, and it was nice to see most of you meeting to work on the recommendation reports.

Writing a Progress Report

By the end of class today, your group should email me the Google Share Link to your Progress Report. The report should include all your accomplishments through today’s class. Check the examples and additional details (including your textbook) for more information. In addition to writing a progress report, you will continue working on the recommendation report and presentation during this session.

Week of 4/28

You will have all the class sessions this week to continue and finalize your recommendation report as well as plan and practice your oral report. Your group will be able to sign up for an oral presentation time slot on Monday, 4/28 in class. I will post the final exam assignment by the end of the week.

Week of 5/5

You will present your oral reports in class. On the last day of class, you will work on your Individual Evaluation of Group Members.

Summary of Important Dates

4/25: Progress Report Due
4/28: Sign up for presentation time
5/02: Group slideshow and recommendation report should be done
5/05 and 5/07: Presentations in class
5/07: Recommendation Report and Slides Due (Group submission)
5/07: Individual Evaluation of Group Work Due (in Assignments in Scholar)

Final exams:
CRN #13260 (9:05 MWF): Due by 9:45 AM on Tues, May 13
CRN #13261 (10:10 MWF): Due by 3:05 PM on Fri, May 9
CRN #19530 (1:25 MWF): Due by 5:25 PM on Tues, May 13