Job-Application Tips

Job App Cat: If you look into my resume, you'll see I've caught the red dot.We’ll look at some student examples of how to add details and data to your project in a Tips for Job-App Materials slide presentation that we will go over.

I’ll also share a Facebook suggestion for those of you worried about an employer asking you to friend them so they can check out what you post.

Finding Online Examples

If you are looking for examples you can use as models, you might look for the profiles of colleagues you worked with at internships, other students, grad assistants, and your teachers.

One warning: Do not use my LinkedIn, GitHub, or pages as your examples. None of them are up-to-date, and I would never hold up any of them as models for you.

LinkedIn Summary

Resume Objectives

In-Class Writing

Go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete Wednesday’s assignment, “04/09 Proof of Work” by 5 PM on Tuesday, 04/10/2014. The in-class writing asks you to summarize what you worked on in class today.


  • On Friday, 04/11, the project is due, so you’ll make any last-minute changes to your project and write your reflection memo. Note that I may be a few minutes late for the 1:25 Class.
  • On Monday, 04/14, I will go over Project 4 and you’ll begin work on that project. For Project 4, you will work with your group to analyze some online resources and write a recommendation report. Your group will present your findings to the class in an oral presentation. The readings for this project will be Chapter 13 (“Writing Recommendation Reports”) and the section on “Designing Web Sites” in Chapter 7 (pp. 169–174 of “Designing Documents and Web Sites”).