Peer Review for Project 3

Short Class Survey

Please complete the short survey about the third project while I’m getting set up and calling the roll. I want to gather some feedback on this project.

Today’s Peer Review Session

I asked you to spend some time before class today thinking about the questions that you want your group to think about as they read and comment on your draft. Today you will use those 3 or 4 specific questions to ask your group members to give you feedback on your work so far. Here are the steps we will follow:

  1. Write down your 3 or 4 questions so that your group members can refer to them. A good question would be “Do the verbs I used to describe my work experience seem strong enough? Would you change any of them?” A weak question would be something like “Does this look good?” or “Can you just tell me what you think?”
    • If you’re working in Google Docs, you can add your questions as comments.
    • If you’re working elsewhere, you might type them into Notepad, TextEdit, or something similar.
  2. Get into your groups and take turns showing what you have worked on and the questions that you have. Everyone in the group should review the work of all group members and offer constructive feedback. If you’re working with Google Docs, you can use the commenting feature. Otherwise, you can talk it out together. As you review one another’s job-application materials, be mindful of the most common resume mistakes, as outlined by VT Career Services.
  3. Once everyone in your group has received feedback, go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete Monday’s assignment, “04/07 Peer Review” by 5 PM on Tuesday, 04/08/2014. The in-class writing asks you to summarize the feedback you heard, give a shout-out to anyone who offered especially good suggestions, and share your plans for applying the feedback and completing the project.

Tip for LinkedIn Projects

For me to see your work on LinkedIn, I either need you to connect with me on LinkedIn or for you to make sure your privacy setting will let the public see your profile.


  • On Wednesday, 04/09, I will share some ideas based on what I see in your peer review and answer any questions.
  • On Friday, 04/11, the project is due, so you’ll work on finishing your project and on your reflection memo that day.
  • On Monday, 04/14, I will go over Project 4 and you’ll begin work on that project. For Project 4, you will work with your group to analyze some online resources and write a recommendation report. Your group will present your findings to the class in an oral presentation. The readings for this project will be Chapter 13 (“Writing Recommendation Reports”) and the section on “Designing Web Sites” in Chapter 7 (pp. 169–174 of “Designing Documents and Web Sites”).