Peer Review for Project 2

We have two goals for today’s class: doing peer review on rough drafts, and going over the plans for our online class on Friday. Office hours for Friday, March 7 are cancelled.

Online Class Instructions for Friday, March 7

Instead of meeting for class on Friday, March 7, you will review the information about writing definitions and evaluate a glossary of terms that relate to Virginia Tech. You will complete an “in-class” writing that explains your assessment of the glossary and then rewrite the definitions for three of the terms in order to improve them.

By completing the writing, you will get credit for attendance as well as the credit for the in-class writing. The blog post with all the details will go up Wednesday afternoon, by 4 PM on 3/5/2014. You have until 5 PM on Wednesday, 3/12 to submit your work.

Peer Review Instructions for Today

We’re using the same basic set-up that we used for for the first project. You’ll pair up with another student in the classroom, share your Google Docs with each other, and add comments. Please use these instructions to guide the feedback you leave:

  • Imagine that you are your partner’s manager, and your job is to review the draft that your partner has given you and make suggestions to improve it.
  • Check that your partner has included all the required elements in the draft (e.g., technical description, a glossary, and instructions with five images). If anything is missing, add a comment that lets your partner know.
  • Read through the document and comment on at least three things your partner does well and at least three things that your partner could improve. You can comment on more than six things.
  • At the end of the document, add an overall comment that sums up what you thought of the paper and gives your partner some encouragement.
  • Once you have finished adding comments to your partner’s project, return to your own paper, read the comments that your partner gave you, and add replies as appropriate.

In-Class Writing

After you have read the comments on your project and replied, go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete today’s in-class writing, “03/05 Peer Review.” The post is short and easy, but you need to do it to get credit for your work today. You have until 5 PM tomorrow (3/6) to post your response.


Come back on Wednesday, 3/5/2014, after 4 PM for all the links and details on the activities to complete in place of attending class on Friday, 3/7.

Be sure to attend class on Monday, 3/17 (the Monday after Spring Break) for important details about Project 2 as well as information on the online work due for Wednesday, 3/19, and Friday, 3/21. Class will not meet in the classroom on the 19th or 21st, as I will be presenting at the Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis. Office hours will be cancelled for 3/19 and 3/21 as well.