Reviewing and Revising Definitions

By popular demand, class for class on Friday, March 7, is an independent, online activity. You need to complete the following steps for credit for attendance and for the in-class writing:

  1. Review the information in the textbook on definitions (pp. 359–366).
  2. Go through the slideshow on Writing Definitions.
  3. Get some practice by using the Writer’s Checklist at the end of Chapter 14 to evaluate the Hokie Speak glossary of terms (use this version on the Wayback Machine if the file is 404). This glossary is shared with new employees during orientation. Focus on the terms, which appear at the top of the page, rather than the acronyms at the bottom. You will use the complete Writer’s Checklist on your own text after spring break.
  4. Go to “Tests & Quizzes” in Scholar and complete the day’s assignment, “03/07 Definition Rewrite.” By completing the writing, you will get credit for attendance as well as the credit for the in-class writing. You have until 5 PM on Wednesday, 3/12 to submit your work.


  • Review your draft before class on Monday, 3/17. Be ready with any questions you have.
  • Be sure you are in class on Monday, 3/17. We will go over how to post your project to the website, and I will explain the class plans for Wednesday, 3/19 and Friday, 3/21. Remember that class will not meet either day, as I will be presenting at the Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis. Office hours will be cancelled for 3/19 and 3/21 as well.
  • Safe travels if you’re leaving town, and no matter what, enjoy your week off.